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My name is Christian and im 22yrs old. i used to be a dancer when i was in HS and really really fit, but then i had a baby. Now I love to powerlift
SW: 230lbs
CW: 147lbs
GW: healthy happy & strong

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Being a true bad ass has no weight or gender requirement - just 100% commitment to greatness

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

as always, what the Rock’s cooking smells great. (via babywipesenthusiast)

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By the time we got to this last push, everyone was leaving. Due to incoming rain and the possibility of lightning, the park ranger had urged us to turn around. Caley had no interest in turning around, nor did I. As we reached the top of Half Dome, everyone had fled and we sat alone on top of one of the most famous rocks in the world.

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friendly reminder that you’re allowed to miss one workout or seven if you feel like it, if you don’t have enough time, if you aren’t feeling alright mentally or physically and you don’t owe anyone an apology. exercise is not an obligation, not a punishment, fuck fitblr quotes plastered on lean bodies that conceal an unhealthy obsession with weight control. full rest days are ok and taking a break and coming back when you’re ready is ok. (✿◠‿◠)

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